Reason for the waist pain:

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Soreness is a common practice. Often pain in the waist pythm causes foot pain. Patients come to us with this. However, in most cases, the mechanical pane is called the Camerabitha. If someone is sitting for a long time or sitting in a little bit, then it can be seen that there is a soft corner. Or they are working standing for a long time, giving no rest, on the waist, without any movement, but it can be very difficult. This is what we say about the posture.

We are always told to keep the spine straight. Those who come to us with the power of sound, the main reason behind them lies in the wrong posture.

Again a heavy thing went to pick up; Patients can feel like a word and come with severe pain. Those who take over weight, those workers are more concerned about this problem.

 How can you understand what the key is in the womb?

For those who have Komburbaya, 90 percent of cases are available for muscle pool, muscle spasms, strains pain. But disk toppling is a big reason for the waistband. There is a problem with the Lumber Interval disc. The pressure on the nerve root is in the womb. The doctors we think about it. Check it out. Treat it as well. Call it PLID This interval disk works as a dry spine.

When someone is young, this disk works very well. If you are a little older then its strength decreases. At the same time, it is seen that, walking a little more, running a lot, posting problems, and taking heavy stuff, there is a lot of power. When the disk gets pressured into the nerve route, the pain moves from waist to leg.

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