Dengue and severe dengue:   Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments  

The origin of dengue fever is caused by dengue virus and this virus is bitten by a mosquito called Edis Ezeptai. The dengue fever germicidal mosquito bites a person, that person is infected with dengue fever within four to six days. Now, when the person gets infected with a bacterial, Edis mosquitoes, the mosquito becomes a mosquito nets of dengue fever. Dengue is spread through mosquitoes from one to another.

When and when do dengue fever is high

From May to September , the incidence of dengue fever is particularly high during the summer and rains. In winter it is usually not fever, it is not always possible. These mosquitoes may survive long in winter due to larvae. From the beginning of the monsoon, new species of dengue viral mosquitoes spread from them.

Generally , this outbreak is common in the urban areas , in the elite areas , large buildings , so dengue fever is also more common in this area. People living in slums or villages are less dengue. There are four types of dengue virus. Dengue fever can also be four times. However, those who have been infected with dengue fever before , the next time the disease is at risk it can be fatal. This is especially seen in children’s case.

Symptoms:   Dengue fever symptoms

Classical dengue fever usually has severe fever and also severe pain in the body. Fever is up to 105 Fahrenheit. There is acute pain in the body, especially bone , waist , back pain and muscle aches.Besides, there is headaches and pain behind the eye. Sometimes the pain is so intense that it seems that the bones are broken. So the name of this fever is called ‘Break Bone Fever’.

During the four or five days of fever, reddish-brown granules are seen throughout the body. It is called skin rash , much like allergy or giggle Nausea may also be vomiting with it. The patient gets extra tired and the taste is reduced. Some patients have fever again after two or three days for some patients. This is called ‘by fajic fever’.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever – Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

This situation is the most complex. These fever, along with symptoms and symptoms of classical dengue fever , are:

  • Theblood starts to flow from the body in different parts.For example: under the skin , with nose and mouth , from gums and teeth , with cough , bleeding blood , fresh blood or black closet with the toilet, blood in the eye and out of the eye . Menstruation in menstrual period or bleeding may continue for a long period of time.
  • Theremay be symptoms of water , stomach , etc. in the chest caused by this disease . Many times, liver damage can cause complications of patient jaundice , renal failure due to renal failure.

Dengue Shock Syndrome – Dengue Shock Syndrome

Dengue Shock Syndrome is a form of dengue fever. Dengue is associated with hemorrhagic fever with dengue shock syndrome due to circulatory failure. The symptoms are:

  • Sudden decrease in blood pressure.
    • The pulse pulse is very thin and quick.
    • The limbs and other parts of the body become cold.
    • Urine decreases.
    • Suddenly the patient may lose knowledge.
    • May even be until death.

When to go to the doctor: Dengue fever when to go   Doctor:

Dengue fever has no specific treatment. However, this fever usually gets better by itself. So the general treatment is enough according to the symptoms. But in some cases it is better to consult a doctor. Such as:

  • If bleeding in any part of the body
    • Lower platelet levels
    • There is water in the body of breathing or stomach swelling
    • If urine decreases
    • If jaundice occurs
    • Excess fatigue or weakness
    • If you have severe abdominal pain or vomiting.

What should be examined ? Tests and diagnosis:

In fact, in most cases dengue fever does not require too much testing , which causes wasteful waste.

  • After four to five days of fever is enough to make CBC and platitel.Before that, the report is normal and many people can read the confusion. Platile Count is less than one lakh, keeping in mind the dengue virus should take the next step.
  • Dengue antibody tests can be done after five to six days.Although this test helps in detecting disease, it has no role to treat the disease. There is no problem even without checking this. It only consumes money.
  • If necessary, blood sugar,liver tests, such esajipiti, esajioti, elakalaina phosphatase, etc. can be.
  • If a doctor thinks a patient suffering from complications of DIC,the prothrombina time, APT, D-daimara, etc. You can check.

Medical  Treatments   :

Most patients with dengue fever usually become better within five to 10 days. Even if no treatment is done. However, the patient must follow the doctor’s advice. So there is no serious complication of dengue. Dengue fever is actually a disease of the disease , usually treated as symptoms.

  • Haveto stay in rest until it gets better.
    • Drinking sufficient quantity of water , juice , coconut water and other liquid foods.
    • If you do not want to eat, you may be given saline on the vein if needed.
    • Only paracetamol-related pain medicines are enough to reduce fever. Aspirin or Diclofenac-type painkillers can not be eaten at all. This will increase the risk of bleeding.
    • To remove fever, cover with wet cloth.

Resistance – Protection:

The main mantra of prevention of dengue fever is to prevent the spread of ADIS and make arrangements for this mosquito can not bite. Remember , Edis lives in a decent mosquito , elite area , big ,beautiful beautiful buildings. They laid eggs in clear water.

Dirt is not a favorite of stagnant drain water. Therefore, the prevention of dengue should be kept clean for the proper laying of egg layers of the mosquito and simultaneous measures should be taken to remove the mosquito.

  • Neighborhoods, forests , water bodies etc. will be kept clean.
    • Since Edis mosquitoes typically lay eggs in such objects , where transparent water accumulates. Therefore, the vase will be removed , unused cottage , dubbed open , abandoned tire etc.
    • Water stored in the bathroom or somewhere is not more than five days. Under the aquarium , refrigerator or air conditioner , the water does not get wet.
    • Edis mosquito usually bites in the morning and evening. But it can bite at any other time. During the day, the body will be well out of the cloth cover, if necessary, can be used masakuito ripelenta.The doors of the house and windows will need to be attached to the net.
    • During the day, the mosquito will be hung or the needle is to sleep.
    • Children who go to school , do not wear half pants and wear flowers in pants to school.
    • To use mosquito nets with spray , coil and mats, use mosquito nets for day and night to avoid mosquito bites.
    • A dengue patient should be kept in the mosquito net, so no mosquitoes can not bite.

Masati had dengue fever before in this country, yet there are mosquito breeding and reproduction environment. So it is possible to survive only through awareness and resistance.

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