Introduction Bangladesh is a country that is well endowed with the
beauties and bounties of Mother Nature. From its chic, quaint towns to
breathtaking landscapes and enchanted beaches, there is no getting
enough of this country. However, we cannot say the same about the
country’s level of emergency preparedness. A recent research by the
Dhaka-Metropolitan Ambulance-Owners’ Association revealed quite
worrying statistics on the country’s preparedness to deal with emergency

What Does Statistics Say?
According to this study, there were only about 170 registered
ambulances by the end of the first half of 2019. Considering the ever
growing population of the city that currently stands at 18 million, it is
clear to see how difficult it may be getting ambulance services in one of
the world’s most populous cities.
And considering that Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, we can only
expect the situation to be grimmer in other parts of the country. In this
post, we shall give you a rundown on some basic methods you can
employ to find an ambulance service near you, as well as highlighting
one client that is always a cut above the rest in terms of emergency

How To Find An Ambulance Service Near You In Bangladesh
The first method you can use to find an ambulance near you is also the
most traditionally-used but still equally-effective. This involves asking for
recommendations or referrals.
You can always ask for recommendations from friends, work colleagues
or members of your family. It is likely that one of them has ambulance
services at one point or another. Ask them on their experience with the
client they contacted.

Were they responsive? How fast did they get them at the nearest health
centers? What were the charges? These, and other pertinent questions,
will help you get the right ambulance service near you. Another method
is to look up on online business directories. In this day and age of the
internet, it is highly likely that an ambulance services provider has some
form of online presence. These business would therefore be listed in
various online directories. Some great places to begin would be the
Bangladesh Yellow Pages or the Address Bazar.
Once there, be sure to take the contacts of the ambulance services
provider near you, and contact them for further inquiries. Also,
searching online can be a great way to locate ambulance services near
you. One benefit about directly searching online is that you are likely to
find an ambulance service near you regardless of where you are based
in Bangladesh. A more practical way to do your search is focus on
keyword phrases that are geo-specific.
For instance, if you are located in Dhaka, you could simply enter a
keyword phrase such as – Best Ambulance Services Near Dhaka. Or,
you may only have run a search on Ambulance Near Me. After that,
search engines, through web crawlers will pull up as many ambulance
services near you as possible. You can then invest in online reviews to
check up what past clients had to say about these ambulance
companies, before contacting them.
Still, you can locate a great ambulance near you by calling verified
emergency numbers. If you do not have an emergency number for an
ambulance service near you, you might want to try 999 for general
emergencies, 199 for fire and ambulance or 14 that connects you to
BTLC, from where you can get assistance locating the service numbers
of various ambulance companies.
Last but not least, you may want to invest in app-based medical-
ambulance services. The good thing about these apps is that as long as
you have a stable internet connection, you can seamlessly log on and
locate providers of emergency services near your location.

About Us
At AlAmin Ambulance, we have an unparalleled commitment to service
delivery. The first thing you will love about us is our responsiveness.
When you contact us, we understand you are already in an emergency

situation. Therefore, we will avail our ambulance services within the least
expense of time, ensuring we safely and quickly get you to the nearest
medical center. Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors is
the fact that our ambulances are fitted with the necessary equipment.
We have comfortable wheelchairs, a comfortable bed, an efficient fan
and oxygen stretchers. These guarantee your safety and comfort even
as we drive you to the nearest health center. We also avail comfortable
chairs for those that accompany their patients.
AlAmin Ambulance is also known for its affordable and competitive
ambulance rates. First and foremost, you will find out that we offer
various ambulance services depending on the budget needs of our
clients. From high-end, luxury ambulances to basic ambulances; we
have it all.
And being your true partner in times of distress, we do not place the
profit motive above our service delivery. That’s why you will find our
rates as some of the most competitive. Give us a call today at
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