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Al Amin Ambulance Service in Dhaka is popular in Bangladesh for its quality and affordable ambulance services for the clients. We have long term success story in the ambulance service domain of Bangladesh. We treat customer like as our family member. When you once rent our ambulance we congregate your contract number as well as your information in our data system. If you again (2nd time) rent a car from us you must be allowed to get discount on car rental fare.


Do you searching for ambulance service?

Al Amin ambulance service in Dhaka will arrange ambulance for you within your budget and affordability. We are the easy ambulance service provider in Bangladesh. If you want to rent an ambulance just make call us (01720448666) or confirm your reservation in the reservation section in our website (reservation). Among 100 pickup points in Dhaka few are e.g. (Panthapath, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Uttara, Badda, Kakrail, Motijheel ) and a lot of several points. We are professional and experienced ambulance service organization in Dhaka. We provide ambulance service support 24/7.


We have 4 types of ambulance- which one you want ?

  1. Ac ambulance
  2. Non Ac ambulance
  3. Freezer van
  4. ICU Emergency ambulance


If you rent ambulance form us we recommend following few terms and conditions, which are below:

  1. We are the first online based ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. We are the hassle free and affordable ambulance service in Bangladesh
  3. If cancellation ambulance service will not impose any charges to the customers
  4. Al Ambulance service will not take any responsibility if any accident occur in the roads
  5. In the day of strike the vehicle will not move (The rip will be cancelled)
  6. Al Amin Ambulance will provide you the best transport
  7. Al Amin Ambulance in Bangladesh will ensure that the clients gets good transport in his nearby locations.


Condition for daily basis rent a car:

  1. The ambulance service time would be overall Bangladesh. Any district and any road, anywhere would you live Al Amin ambulance service will pick you.
  2. Driver’s food allowance would be BDT 100 for lunch. If the duty goes 10 pm then the users have to pay BDT 200 for driver’s dinner.
  3. The clients have to take the responsibilities of the vehicle e.g. safety and security when go outside Dhaka.
  4. We provide daily ambulance service in Dhaka city and outside Dhaka. Daily ambulance serviceinclude all expenses e.g. ferry/toll/parking etc.
  5. For daily basis ambulance service in each day the vehicle will run whole Dhaka and whole Bangladesh.
  6. All charges are including VAT/TAXES.
  7. The ambulance will carry only passenger and their belongings. Any forbidden things the vehicle could not carry.
  8. The vehicle will not move during general strike or the day of political movement
  9. 100% of hiring charge must be pay after complication of the trip.
  10. Our payment method is only Cash.
  11. No Cheque/bKash/Roket/Online payments are accepted.


Path problem: If the car is damaged or damaged within 50 kilometers distance, then the company has to send another ambulance. And if it is more than 50 kilometers, then the customer must take alternative measures. For normal death or abnormal death, the death certificate must be accompanied by a death certificate.
Drivers do not drive cars in some places, risky bridges, or risky culvert, muddy roads or roads.
Waiting for the ferry and the ambulance AC is not run when the ferry is running. The process of sending ambulance starts with the customer’s call. Time may change due to traffic congestion. Do not pay advance when making a call. Because it was sent to an emergency situation before the car was sent and later repaid.

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Phone  : 9134171, 48111454

Mobile : 01720448666, 01819137479

Email  : billalh045@gmail.com

Website: www.alaminambulance.com

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