Life Support ( ICU )


Life support or ICU ambulance is the most advanced ambulance service which gives full support to the serious, critical injuries patience with all necessary substance.  Basically, this ambulance uses for shifting dangerous patients from one place to another with all facilities as present in real ICU or LIFE SUPPORT hospital cabin. For your need, we Al-amin provide high-class life support ambulance 24/7 hours at anytime. Just make a call and we will run to your place.

For any support call us directly to  01720448666 or 01819137479   number or emergency ambulance for immediate action.

We also offer different ambulance facilities including AC, NON AC AND FREEZER VAN FOR DEAD BODY. In case of our ICU ambulance, we give the fully decorated vehicle to handle acritical patient with life support affair. We in our life support ambulance provide oxygen mask, oxygen cylinders, trained attendant, expert’sparamedical helper, stretcher or wheelchair and all basic needed things.

Beside we decorated the emergency ambulance with cardiac monitor, suction machine, infusion pumps, emergency life-saving mediators, ventilator, blood dram tools and many more. In a word, our ICU ambulance is just like an ICU or life support cabin of a hospital. All members associated with the service arewell educated and experiences enough to carry out every important issue.

Now as the point of an emergency ambulance service a driver plays a great role. And for this, we selected such expert drivers who know how to save time and reach the destination place at an exact time which is a most valuable thing for a serious patience. All our engage drivers are very well trained and conscious about the seriousness of duty and emergency.

In spite of high-quality service, we take very reasonable rent. Though life support ambulance charge is high then any ordinary ambulance but we assure you to take budget friendly rent. Some basic things are certainly matter in case of rent, like distance, waiting for the return, location, time of service and etc.

Further, if you think about is private ambulance is safe and trusted ? Then let us tell you as a private ambulance service in Dhaka city we gain great positive review because of our excellent service. Our client or customer satisfaction is our first priority and we give our 100% in order to provide the best service. So without any hesitation, you can trust us fully for your emergency requirement.


Details of ICU Ambulance

Always committed to human services. In keeping with this promise, Al-Amin Ambulance has been engaged in transmitting patients and corpses to their relatives since 1988. Al-Amin ambulance service is also working 24 hours a day to ensure the physical and normal function of emergency patient. Al-Amin ambulance service has its own doctors, brothers, technicians, nurses and advanced life support (ICU, CCU, NICU) and cardiac support ambulance arrangements. We have more VIP administrative services.

At a glance I do not see the car:
* The most advanced AC ambulance waitest.
* The most advanced quality (ICU) Ambulance Lastest.
* The most advanced quality of the dead body is the Freezing Ambulance Latest

Sir, all the equipment that the ICU of the hospital has. The equipment is in our ICU car.
Total 18 vehicles

  • ICU Ambulance rent in Dhaka between 12000 to 15000


Ambulance number-  01720448666, 01819137479

Thank You for your patience.

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