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Freezer ambulance service is mainly a dead body carrier ambulance that keeps a dead body intact for a long time. It generally uses to carry one or multiple dead bodies from one place to another. This kind of ambulance keeps the dead body free from viruses, bacteria or gems attacked for several days to long hours. It also retains dead body odor free and at the same time keep it sustained. In case of your emergency just make a call to us and we will run to your door for help no matter what time it is.

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Especially at summer or hot season carrying a dead body is very difficult. In that time freezer ambulance become mandatory for carrying a body from one place to another. In fact in every case whether it winter, summer or rainy reason convey a dead body to a long distance place or a short distance place is always difficult. At both cases a freezer ambulance plays a  principle role.

Consequently, we not only provide a FREEZER ambulance service in case we also have a service like AC, NON AC, AND LIFE SUPPORT ambulance. In our Al Amin ambulance transport, we provide a high-quality freezer ambulance that maintains needed temperature for the dead body. Basically, this kind of ambulance has -6 to  -10 degree temperature that is called excellent freezer ambulance.

And we offer you this type of facilities. In this kind of ambulance, there is freezer box in which you can keep dead body and there is also various size box available. We have several sizes of the box according to the size of a body. Again the ventilation system of our ambulance is good enough that able to keep inside air fresh. So no need to worry about the size of the boxes and the environmental quality.

Further, it is really not easy to carry dead body from one place to another especially at Dhaka city. In a Dhaka, all of us have to face incredible jam problem. Meantime we have an experience and expert drivers who very well known how to faces this type of situation. They always make a balance with time by using some easy way to reaches your destination place.

Although we provide high-quality ambulance service, but we assure you that our rent will not cross your budgets. As most of the freezer ambulance rent is a bit high than a normal ambulance.  But we kept very reasonable price for all our excellent service. And all our rent deepened on the total distance, location, time of service waiting return and some more.

As an ambulance service our achievement is big. Because we always give our customer the best service so you need not to worry about our potentiality. We provide quality service at a reasonable price with excellent support.


Details of Freezer’s van

  • To move a corpus from one place to another, the freezing ambulance is used for that. In this case, the body is kept at the temperature of the filling ambulance (-7 °), so that there is no smell from the dead body easily and the body is free from virus or virus free.
  • Freezing Armbulance Anybody can freeze the dead body according to his wishes. In that case, any distance from any distance from Dhaka is hiked by distance. And if the car is kept oaiting. In that case, you will have to pay Rs.600 / = per hour.
  • More information: We can bring our freezing cars directly from Japan. All of our quality cars are kept clean with sevlon and datel.


Ambulance number-  01720448666, 01819137479

Thank You for your patience.

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