al amin ambulanceThe most risky moment for your heart or heart, in a report of the Reader Digest, has been reported by Holistic Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kane Ears.

He said, during the treatment of heart patients for 25 years, I noticed that heart attacks do not always randomly attack. There are some conceptual ‘danger zones’ for heart attacks, especially for people with a risk of heart disease or heart disease. If you are cautious about these high risk factors, you will be able to reduce the chances of heart problems through proper life.

* Flu

Flu symptoms (such as excessive fatigue, pain and high fever) are not enough for a heart attack, but likely to be four times as likely to have a heart attack for the first three days of flu. The virus can stimulate any inflammatory response that may cause artery damage. Eat foods that prevent obstruction of the artery. If dehydrated, the blood becomes dense, which can lead to blood clots. Fever can increase your heart rate, which is hard to work on in favor of heart. Find medical services a few days after the flu.

* Big events in sports

Believe it or not, euphoria or exhilarating sounds for your team can harm your heart – if you are so obsessed with the game that the emotions go out of control. The researchers analyzed the data from the four World Cups of football, and discovered that the heart attack has increased during this tournament’s final and the heart rate is the highest when the favorite team played against the other team. If you are a supporter of sports, then you can take a doctor’s advice to take baby aspirin every day. It’s best to try to stay calm during the game.

* Work pressure immediately after vacationing

After the holiday or vacation, working at the new week’s work, stress or stress, increases the level of adrenaline and cortisol, which can increase blood pressure and blood clotting. Dr. Joel Kane Kana said, “Peaceful activities, such as Yoga exercises or meditation, my patients have benefited from the week, even if it is five to ten minutes.” If the work schedule is longer, try to avoid stress, remember some words that reduce anxiety. A good way to get rid of afternoon stress is to walk on lunch.

* Death of a loved one

Researchers have researched thousands of people who have been victims of a heart attack in the United States, who had a high risk of having a heart attack in those weeks. Swedish studies have found that there may be an increased risk of a heart attack for some years after an elderly loved one dies. If your loved ones die or you feel lonely or depressed, then search counseling and doctors, friends and family support. Practice depression as well as practice depression as well as counseling. Sit down alone in the house and do not feel depressed.

* Natural disasters

The rate of heart attack among people survived in the first week of the earthquake of 8.9 and thousands of tsunami survivors in Japan in 2011, three times more than the same in the past year. It’s important to be aware of people coming forward to help people and healthcare providers to help with natural disaster.

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