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Ambulanceservice (ac) at 24/7 hour

Ambulanceservice (ac) at 24/7 hour

Al-aminis private ambulance provider that arranges an ambulance service in Dhaka at 24 hours anytime, any moment in any situation. Just make a call we will run to you no matter what the time is. We always ready to support and help you whether your home door or...

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Phone  : 9134171, 48111454

Mobile : 01720448666, 01819137479

Email  : billalh045@gmail.com

Website: www.alaminambulance.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/alaminambulance



20/5 Kornel Roshid Plaza, East Panthopath

Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road


Contact Us

To get services at low cost, call directly service owner.

01819137479, 01720448666

Be the first to stay healthy, when you need it. Call Al Amin Ambulance if you are sick. Since 1988, Al Amin has been providing ambulance service day and night 24 hours a day.

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