All You Need to Know about Cardiac Arrest

In some cases, we will have to take care of some important prevention in order to avoid some extreme damage to our health. A healthy body is like a temple and we should maintain it. We cannot take it for granted. In the same way, our heart is the most important thing...

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Why is Waist Pain?

Reason for the waist pain: Credit: Epainassist Soreness is a common practice. Often pain in the waist pythm causes foot pain. Patients come to us with this. However, in most cases, the mechanical pane is called the Camerabitha. If someone is sitting for a long time or...

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What is Cardiac Arrest?

When the heart attack, suddenly the body pumps blood stopped. This happens when a problem occurs with the electrical signal in the heart. What is Cardiac Arrest? When the heart attack, suddenly the body pumps blood stopped. This happens when a problem occurs with the...

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5 ways to avoid Diabetes

Although some people develop diabetes due to the irregular lifestyles, others get genetically inherited or inherited from the family. Credit: google.com Many people in India are suffering from diabetes. In fact, millions of people are affected by chronic. Although...

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Best 3 places to make your vacation Memorable

Shait Gumbad Mosque Getty Image Built in 1459 (the same year Khan Jahan Ali died), the illustrious Shait Gumbad Mosque is that the largest and most luxurious ancient house of God within the country. Shait Gumbad means that ‘the Temple with sixty Domes’ – a name...

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7 ways in which to Drive Safely

Bus Accident in Dhaka.credit: Google Being concerned in an exceedingly traffic accident may be a atrocious expertise, even once you’re lucky enough to flee injury. analysis by The Centre for net and Society (CiS) found that over ninetieth of traffic accidents square...

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How To Avoid Car Accidents: Tips For Safe Driving

Car accident in Bangladesh The number of traffic accidents that occur within the state of Massachusetts – and Boston, wherever levels of congestion square measure high – may be a significant issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports...

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What is dengue fever ? Symptoms, Treatment

Dengue and severe dengue:   Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments   The origin of dengue fever is caused by dengue virus and this virus is bitten by a mosquito called Edis Ezeptai. The dengue fever germicidal mosquito bites a person, that person is infected...

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