Shait Gumbad Mosque

Built in 1459 (the same year Khan Jahan Ali died), the illustrious Shait Gumbad Mosque is that the largest and most luxurious ancient house of God within the country. Shait Gumbad means that ‘the Temple with sixty Domes’ – a name considering there are literally eighty one. This fortress-like structure has unco thick walls, in-built the tapering brick vogue, and could be a vastly spectacular sight. the field influence is remarkably Turkish, and also the arches inside the most hall square measure a swish exercise in pure mathematics.

Admission includes entrance to the repository, that is inside the grounds of the house of God. Note that girls travellers are celebrated to be refused entry into the most Mosque (a sign at the doorway of the Mosque says as much), though this isn’t invariably the case. several of the domes still because the entire western wall were underneath restoration at the time of analysis, that resulted within the structure being swathed in an exceedingly boring pink shade of lime mortar.

Natore Rajbari

One of the oldest rajbaris in Bangladesh (dating from the first 1700s), the brilliant however ramshackle Natore Rajbari was once the nerve-centre of undivided Bengal’s second-biggest zamindari (land revenue estate), that lost its refulgence within the nineteenth century. the whole complicated – protected  by ponds and lined by centuries-old shady trees – is really a series of seven rajbaris, four of that stay mostly intact. One palace homes a police camp, another could be a office, whereas many others merely lie ruins.

The main palace block inside the compound, referred to as Boro Taraf (‘big palace’; home of the elder patriarch of the family), is approached via an extended avenue lined with imposingly tall bottle palms, the white trunks of that fit temple columns. To the rear of Boro Taraf square measure the crumbling walls of blue blood Bhavani’s Palace, that was the residence of the eponymic blue blood Bhavani, the unmarried  mate of 1 of the Natore rajas UN agency took up the reins of the estate and went on to become a really powerful administrator herself.

To the way finish of the complicated stands a second palace block referred to as Chhoto Taraf (‘small palace’; for the younger brother of the family), consisting of 2 rajbaris. The principal one faces a lake and is one in all the foremost superbly proportioned buildings in Bangladesh, though its cavernous central hall is currently in an exceedingly complete shambles. Entry is restricted, however peering through the broken window slats is allowed.

The peaceful Associate in Nursingd idyllic gardens round the palaces square measure the maximum amount an attraction because the buildings themselves; bring a picnic to eat the shade of a knotted previous tree. There square measure many massive ponds here that type a remarkable centrepiece, around that square measure one or two of Hindu temples, one dedicated to Kali and another to Shiva. each square measure still utilized by the various Hindus within the space and attract the odd Hindoo (itinerant holy man), unco for Bangladesh.

Natore Rajbari is on the northern fringe of city. From the bus stand, you’ll be able to walk thereto in regarding 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour (just keep requesting directions) or take a jinrikisha (Tk 30).

Kantanagar Temple

Set amidst beautiful rural area, the vault-roofed rouge sandcastle of Kantanagar Temple, additionally celebrated domestically as Kantaji, could be a beautiful piece of non secular design, and one in all the foremost spectacular Hindu monuments in Bangladesh.

Built in 1752 by Pran Nath, a noted prince from Dinajpur, it’s the country’s finest example of brick and terracotta vogue temple design. Its most outstanding feature, typical of mid-18th-century Hindu temples, is its very good surface decoration, with infinite panels of carved  terracotta plaques portraying each figurative and floral motifs.

The folk artists UN agency season their masterful touches to the temple were very good storytellers. In one panel, a demon is represented swallowing monkeys, that promptly appear from his ear. alternative scenes square measure additional domestic, like a mate massaging her husband’s legs and a woman comb lice from another woman’s hair. Amorous scenes square measure typically placed in obscure corners. These tangled, harmonious scenes square measure sort of a richly adorned  patchwork of Bangladeshi society, culture and mythology.

The 15-sq-m, three-storey construction was originally topped with 9 decorative two-storey towers, that folded throughout the good earthquake of 1897 and were ne’er replaced. The building sits in an exceedingly yard encircled by offices and pilgrims’ quarters, all protected by a stout wall. guests will now not go within the inner sanctum of the temple, that homes a Krishna shrine, however the tangled detail of its exterior can keep you engaged.

The centuries-old Hindu pageant of Dhegiha Raas Leela – that celebrates the lifetime of a young Lord Krishna – takes place here around full phase of the moon in late Gregorian calendar month or early Gregorian calendar month, attracting up to two hundred,000 pilgrims. this can be additionally once a rural honest takes place round the temple complicated, marked by stalls commerce objects of daily village life and people artists participating in music and dance performances.

Buses run frequently all day from Dinajpur’s main bus stand to the village of Kantanagar (Tk thirty, 30 minutes, 7am to 7pm). A easier and economical different is to grab a come back CNG ride from Dinajpur (Tk a thousand as well as waiting time). From the most road wherever the bus drops you, it’s a stunning 10-minute walk to the temple past stretches of lush farmland, over a concrete watercourse bridge and thru one or two of mud-hut villages. En route, you’ll be able to additionally stroll right down to the watercourse wherever, within the season, the sandbanks exposed by the dropping water levels create a handy cricket pitch for native children.

Wish to stay safe during your journey.

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