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Al Amin Ambulance is the best ambulance service in Dhaka. There are a number of ambulance services available in different categories with different feature or function. But finding a right, safe and trusted one might difficult in your most crucial or emergency situation.

Many people become crazy at the time of emergency and looking for perfect and faithful service. Maybe at 3’0 clocks at night, you needed an ambulance as dangerous always come without any warranting.

For your risky moment, we Al Amin ambulance service randomly rented high class and modern ambulance throughout Dhaka city. We provide emergency ambulance service at 24/7 hour that means anytime and any hours whenever you need. Even we have a number of distinctive type of ambulance according to your patients need.

For instance, we have high-quality AC AND NON AC ambulance according to your budget and requirement. Even more, we have FREEZER ambulance that use for caring dead body to distance place and ICU OR LIFE SUPPORT ambulance for a critical and serious patient.

In every category, we have included all modern facilities that one aspect from a transport.

Again as for Dhaka city where the jam is most disgusting and unavoidable fact which cause a great disadvantage for an emergency vehicle. In case we very consciously selected and appointed the experience, expert and well balance drivers who are just perfect for ambulance job. All our drivers are enough intelligence, knows all shortcuts and fast moving that able to get emergency destination place for a patient or dead body.

They know the location across the city and able to take immediate action if necessary.

In case for clean and fit our all ambulance is fresh, new, and clean, tip top and well arranged. Even we provide oxygen mask, requirement helper, wheelchair or stretcher and all basic life supported thing for injury, serious to normal patients.

As a private ambulance provider, we have all those features which available in GOVT ambulance. In spite of all modern technology, we take much reasonable or budget-friendly rent. All our service rent typically depends on some issue. For instance, for freezer ambulance, we take one rent and for non-ac ambulance we take another rent.

In fact long distance, short distance, location, waiting for the return like many situations mainly determined the rent of an ambulance.  Just make a call to us for your entire inquirer or click here to get services right now. We were always available for you.

We provide valuable ambulance service in four most wanted place in Dhaka city

Ambulance is one of the most needed service that could be necessity as any moment or anytime of your life. In Bangladesh like country especially in Dhaka city finding an ambulance transport become troublesome in your vital moment. Because lots of private or Govt hospital or company offers you their service but catch a real one is not so easy.

After understating the demand and vital important of an ambulance we Al-amin decided to start an ambulance service. We provide our services in several places at Dhaka city where it needed most. In below we show you our servicing area please noted the place list for your emergency time.


We provide our ambulance service in Uttara Dhaka. Al-amin is a private ambulance provider company which is given their service many parts of Dhaka and among from them,Uttara is one. We provide ac, non ac freezer and ICU ambulance at Uttara and its surrounding area. Just make a call at our place we run to you within 30 minutes. Contact us here or dial   01720448666 or 01819137479


Al-amin rents an ambulance as per your need at panthapath and its surrounding area as per your need. We are the quality ambulance provider for the patient in the Dhaka city.Contact us here or dial 01720448666 or 01819137479


Al-amin is an ambulance provider company that delivers emergency ambulance service of various types at Mirpur and its nearby area at 24/7 hour.

ambulance number – 01720448666 or 01819137479


Al-Amin ambulance service is a 24 hours ambulance service in kamalapur Dhaka Bangladesh. Call our number   01720448666 or 01819137479   for services like ac, non ac, freezer or ICU ambulance. We are ready to go at your place anytime.

Overall, we very consciously selected the most important place for service. We preferred mainly those places which are the center of the Dhaka so that we can cover whole Dhaka city easily. We can assure you we always happy to serve you without any hesitation in 24/7 hour.

You will never fell regretted rather fell safe and happy after taking our any services. Faith on us we never break your trust.

We Provide Quality Service.

Thank You for your patience.


Phone  : 9134171, 48111454

Mobile : 01720448666, 01819137479

Email  : billalh045@gmail.com

Website: www.alaminambulance.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/alaminambulance



20/5 Kornel Roshid Plaza, East Panthopath

Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road


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To get services at low cost, call directly service owner.

01819137479, 01720448666

Be the first to stay healthy, when you need it. Call Al Amin Ambulance if you are sick. Since 1988, Al Amin has been providing ambulance service day and night 24 hours a day.

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