Although some people develop diabetes due to the irregular lifestyles, others get genetically inherited or inherited from the family.

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Many people in India are suffering from diabetes. In fact, millions of people are affected by chronic. Although some people develop it due to the irregular lifestyles, others get genetically inherited or inherited from the family. If it is not controlled, it can cause kidney failure, heart disease, blindness and other health conditions.

Before developing a person’s diabetes, there is a time when blood sugar levels are not high, which is not classified as diabetes. It is known as pre-diabetes. It is at this stage where you can take some steps to prevent diabetes.

1. Regular exercise

Regular exercise or physical activity itself can effectively reduce the risk of diabetes. Because of the increased insulin sensitivity exercise in your cell. If you have regular exercise, you need less insulin to keep your blood sugar under control.

2. Reduce sugar

To prevent this, you must reduce the cost of sugar. It is because the sugar in your body small sugar molecules break rapidly. These sugar molecules are absorbed in your blood stream and increase your blood sugar levels. This insulin produces pancreatic stimuli. Insulin helps to enter the body cells of the sugar from the flow of blood.

3. Reduce weight

Type 2 diabetes developer Most people are drunk or weighing. Predictability patients are more likely to have stomach fat or internal fat. In addition to internal fat, there may be inflammation and insulin resistance, which increases the risk of diabetes.

4. Drink lots of water

When you drink more water, it helps prevent drinking and drinking beverages with the project. In addition, drinking water can help control the development of blood sugar and insulin. Perfume drinks like soda or soft drinks increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

5. Smoking

In addition to cancer, another major health diabetes caused by smoking is one of them.

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